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Being educated helps people to judge any situation and make the right decision. It also broadens one’s perspective and makes one knowledgeable, which is essential for their personal and professional growth in future.

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We will assist you in monthly allowance during study

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Student will deeply have knowledge and experience

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Formerly known as Akademi Pertahanan & Perlindungan Awam (APDPA)

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Malaysia is an area that is receiving increasing attention, with time, energy and resources dedicated to TVET development having consistently grown over the last decade.

Therefore, MySecurity and Defense Training Centre Sdn. Bhd. Established Institut Kemahiran Tinggi TVET (IKTT) formerly known as Akademi Pertahanan & Perlindungan Awam (APDPA) to build and prepare skills development and technical manpower that prepare people with the knowledge and technical skills required in the working world with major emphasis on industry practices.

To strengthen the purpose of its establishment, IKTT is a Certified Training Centre Institution recognized and registered by the Department of Skills Development (JPK) under the Ministry of Human Resources on 29 February 2019 and also has been appointed one of the training provider of HRD Corp.

Chief Executive Officer

Develop Self-Dependency. Education isn’t just about learning a collection of facts and knowledge that can’t be applied to the real world.

Without education, no social, health, economic and political progress is possible. Investing in education is therefore essential for the future of the world.

Education makes it possible for all citizens of a country to contribute to national economic prosperity, makes it possible for all citizens of a country to contribute to national economic prosperity.

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Diploma Pengurusan Dan Pertahanan Keselamatan

This program allows graduates to apply and review management principles and technical skills related to the industry, in order to create and develop professionals capable of performing various management functions within safety & security operations. It also produces graduates who are well rounded with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to enhance the quality of the safety industry.

Diploma Pentadbiran Jualan
Dan Pemasaran

Throughout this program, graduates will be exposed to fundamental components of Business and Management; such as Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, and Business Analysis, which will enhance their business managerial skills and capabilities of entrepreneurial strategies.

Diploma Pengurusan Pentadbiran

This program focuses on business management services and the use of IT in office settings. It covers fundamental proficiency in communication, file administration, meeting preparation, data entry, basic software application maintenance, software application installation, and upgrades.

Diploma in Accounting

This programme provides students with broad base knowledge in financial management accounting & reporting, economics, taxation, auditing, law and information technology & systems. It provides a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills necessary for a career in accountancy and finance at the semiprofessional level as well as for graduates of this Diploma to further their education and training to be qualified professional accountants.

In Collaboration |

Strategic Partners & Industrial Training

Industry partners are among our valued assets. To achieve our mission, collaboration is a key strategy and work closely with us by sharing industrial insights or directly engaging in the training and development to future graduates.

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